Urban95 City: Istanbul

The Urban95 partnership in Istanbul aims to strengthen the capacities of four district municipalities – Sarıyer, Maltepe, Sultanbeyli and Beyoğlu – in collaboration with two of Turkey’s best-known universities, Boğaziçi and Kadir Has. The partnership includes the following elements:

  • Home visits by parent coaches to families with young children
  • A collaboration with Columbia University School of Architecture’s Studio X to develop model public spaces and playgrounds for young children and their caregivers
  • An innovative set of maps to identify the most vulnerable young children.

Both the home visits and the public space improvements will be evaluated to understand their impact on young children, their caregivers, and the interaction between the two, as well as the long-term economic impact.

The programme has already brought together a large number of partners from different fields, such as municipalities, universities, think-tanks and companies.