Civic engagement

Enabling families of young children to participate in urban planning and design decisions. Below is an overview of all winning projects focused on civic engagement.

Encouraging outdoor play in Uberaba

Inspired by the poet Manoel de Barros’s line Meu quintal / É maior do que o mundo (“my backyard is bigger than the world”), the project will revitalise three squares… Read more

Engaging citizens in city planning in Cuenca

The project will work in the Hermano Miguel, El Vecino Totoracocha and Monay districts of Cuenca, which have organised groups of women and parents. It will hold mobile assembly meetings… Read more

Children's perspectives in post-earthquake reconstruction in Ecuador

This project aims to integrate the perspective and needs of children aged 0-5 into the planning process, including the design and construction of a playground. More generally, it will introduce… Read more

The "Oasis Game" in Santos

This project will use a gamified community intervention methodology called the “Oasis Game” to involve around 200 to 400 members of the community in participatory development of urban space solutions… Read more

Gathering data to inform policy in Surakarta

This project will gather data, by means such as mapping and workshops, on how parents and young children currently use their neighbourhoods and what changes they need. It will visualise… Read more

Filling urban voids in Tucumán

Through a participatory design involving workshops, talks and meetings to build networks among communities, land owners and the local administration, this project will investigate how these spaces can become “self-managing”… Read more

Improving air quality in Torino

The project will work with residents of one such neighbourhood, Vanchiglia, to raise awareness of the problem and develop new ways to measure air pollution in areas children use, such… Read more

Documentary on Turkish cities from 95cm

This project will create a documentary, 95 cm: The Mega City’s Mini Citizens, shot from 95cm to show Istanbul from the perspective of young children. It will also create a… Read more