Data-driven decision making

Collecting neighbourhood-level data on young children and caregivers and using it to better target resources and facilitate coordination across sectors. Below is an overview of all winning projects focused on data-driven decision making.

Improving municipal policy for children in Tirana

Improving municipal policy for children in Tirana - Urban95 Challenge

The project will fund a children policy director for the municipality to audit municipal departments to assess the impact of their projects on children, draft an analysis of the current… Read more

Indicators on child-friendly neighbourhoods

MCRI - Indicators on child-friendly neighbourhoods

This project will analyse existing statistical resources on Australian neighbourhoods to produce knowledge on child-friendly neighbourhood design. It will develop a set of indicators and data visualisation for use by… Read more

Safer roads to school in Mexico City

The project will make this data available on a map which also shows school zones, allowing parents to see where extra care is needed on their children’s route to school… Read more

Mapping liveability in parts of Dhaka

This project will use mobile technology to carry out various surveys and visualise how liveable different parts of the city are for under-5s and pregnant women. It will explore what… Read more