Green public space

Transforming existing physical spaces into places for young children to play and explore nature, and for their caregivers to meet and rest. Below is an overview of all winning projects focused on green public space.

The City at Eye Level for Kids

The City at Eye Level for Kids project aims to leverage the CAEL platform to advance the existing state of knowledge into scientific research into creating a child-friendly public realm. Read more

Tackling noise pollution in Dhaka

The project aims to raise the issue of noise pollution on the public agenda on Dhaka by measuring its effects on children, campaigning to raise awareness and developing a strategy… Read more

A space for women and children in Dharavi

The project aims to create a new, safely enclosed yet semi-open space where women can gather and children can play. It will be constructed on top of the toilet block,… Read more

Filling urban voids in Tucumán

Through a participatory design involving workshops, talks and meetings to build networks among communities, land owners and the local administration, this project will investigate how these spaces can become “self-managing”… Read more

Public playground for under-5s in Hanoi

The project will design a playground for under-5s, which will also be accessible to children with disabilities. As well as serving local parents and children, it will raise awareness of… Read more