Mobility for families

Making it possible for caregivers and young children to walk and cycle to health care, childcare, a safe place to play, a source of healthy food and their job. Below is an overview of all winning projects focused on mobility for families.

Safer roads to school in Mexico City

The project will make this data available on a map which also shows school zones, allowing parents to see where extra care is needed on their children’s route to school… Read more

Child-friendly buses in Dhaka

Child friendly buses - Urban95 Challenge

The project will renovate selected buses, creating a dedicated zone for children, parents and pregnant women, and workshops on preventing passengers from harassing women and children will be organised for… Read more

Filling urban voids in Tucumán

Through a participatory design involving workshops, talks and meetings to build networks among communities, land owners and the local administration, this project will investigate how these spaces can become “self-managing”… Read more